I put my craft before anything else.
— Sophie Marks

 I have trained my voice in the classical field of music for nine years and began singing jazz and contemporary music as a freshmen in high school. My inspiration for other styles of music blossomed because of my foundation in classical music. From studying classically, I obtained many helpful techniques that apply to singing every genre of music, and  have stayed with me throughout my career thus far. I began to wonder more about other genres and techniques in high school and soon fell in love with jazz ballads and standards.

 When attending a masterclass my school offered for beginners, I found a deep passion for jazz. I felt more freedom when I had the ability to create my own melodies countless times over a single chord progression. Jazz is a big contrast from classical because it allows me to create many different sounds and phrases in a song, rather than just learning a piece note for note and sticking to the same melody through out. With scatting, I sing with varieties of  syllables and noises that almost imitate instruments. I listen to many instrumental tracks with trumpets and saxophones to get my ideas for scatting. Jazz gave me a little more independence in singing what I truly feel. 

 Soon enough, I discovered my true passion for songwriting when attending a music program at Berklee College of Music. I began searching for my own sound and writing my own melodies and lyrics that were influenced from a variety of artists. I experimented with many different areas of music, and found a niche for writing pop/R&B tunes. 

 Once I entered Berklee as a Professional Songwriting/Music Education major, I really got a grasp on my work and artist brand and found the perfect sound for myself. I really enjoy lyric writing because the meaning of the song is what matters most and I love writing stories that inspire and resonate with people's lives and experiences. Music and storytelling brings people across all cultures and sectors of society together as a whole. I enjoy songwriting because it allows me to create a feeling or expression into song, and music is the easiest and most beautiful way I can communicate who I am with other people.

 I am fortunate enough to have music in my life every single day. I have studied professional music since the age of 8, and I've had the most amazing opportunities to have attended prestigious arts middle and high schools and graduate from the Berklee College of Music in 2018.

 Without music in my life I wouldn’t really have much of a purpose, because it is the only thing that sincerely makes me the happiest, and its what I’m truly good at and have a drive for. I view my work and original material as something people can relate to and be moved by. I write and sing every word from a place in my heart and mind, whether it’s a feeling of fulfillment, or sadness. I use every bit of who I am in my craft and I know that it’s the reason my music is so honest and endearing. 

 I am so blessed to have the opportunities for my voice and message heard and loved by many people. Expressing myself through music as a job is truly living my dreams out loud. I have the drive and the talent, but I also believe in myself and put my craft before anything else.